16 Prints for 16 days of activism

25 Nov 2020 - 10 Dec 2020


During the 16 days of nationwide activism around abuse against women and children, this exhibition features 16 prints from several of our members. The selected works are intended to reveal just a fraction of the life experiences of women in our country. Here we show the shared struggles of women – but also the unity that may be created when we support and work alongside each other.  

Our strength lies in the quiet and steadfast perseverance against a history of inequality and unkindness in many fields. It lies in the depth of how we feel each wrong and unjust thing in this world. It lies in our relationships with grandmothers, mothers, aunts, sisters, daughters, and female friends. Our strength lies in the honesty with which we speak.  

For TPG, it lies in every rotation made by the printing press and each hiss of inky brayer. It lies in every mark we make. We might not be the loudest, most provocative, most aggressive revolutionary female art collective around, but core to the ethos of TPG lies a sense of solidarity and community.

We have chosen not to add artists’ statements to the works, but rather invite you to read into them what you will, and hope that this small offering resonates with you.

Within the context of this exhibition at the Pretoria Arts Association, each print was accompanied by a statement written by a South African creative about the 16 days activism campaign.

16 Prints for 16 days of activism

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