TPG#1 First Print Exchange

05 Mar 2021 - 30 Nov 2021

Our First Print Exchange catalogue here

What is a print exchange?

Printmaking is the only art medium that allows artists to swap identical works of art! And printmaking - internationally and within South Africa - has a rich tradition of Print Exchanges. Often, there is a theme or a technical limitation, such as everyone using the same technique. Here the limitations were that each TPG artist use a relief printmaking technique –a way of applying the ink to the matrix with a roller. And her paper must measure 20 x 20 cm.

A Print Exchange is a formal swapping process. Here, 17 artists from The Printing Girls each created an edition of 8 prints, kept the A/P (Artist’s Proof) for herself, packaged up all the rest, and posted them to the TPG admin team. They took the first 5 prints of each edition and randomly created 17 piles of 5 prints. Each participating artist received back a small pack of 5 prints by fellow TPG artists –what a treat! The remaining prints in the edition are held by The Printing Girls for future exhibiting opportunities.

This Print Exchange shows the beauty of the different TPG artists’ imaginations and the diversity in the ways that they embraced the technical limitations!

Looking forward to future TPG print exchanges ...

(This First TPG Print Exchange was organised by Mandy Conidaris)

TPG#1 First Print Exchange

Exhibitions & Project views

Some views of the exhibitions & project