TPG#2 Project Eco-longing

02 Aug 2021 - 30 Aug 2021

Eco-longing catalogue here

Our 2020 Art Room exhibition featured a project called Positive Escape – three months into lockdown, each artist created a printed image on 20 x 20 cm paper that showed one positive way that they were coping with lockdown.

This year, the mood has shifted. Now 18 months into the pandemic, many have had to deal with illness and/or the loss of close ones, and there is a different zeitgeist. This includes a sense of being displaced from nature. We came up with the concept of eco-longing, an effect experienced by many folk due to the restrictions of lockdown. We asked each TPG artist to represent a way that they feel this disconnection. Their resulting responses created a wonderful variety of images, mostly of nature, that ranged from the dream-like and nostalgic, through to the quirky and abstract.

This Project was launched at The Art Room #TPG 2021 exhibition in August 2021. 

TPG#2 Project Eco-longing