04 Oct 2020 - 31 Oct 2020

The Printing Girls (TPGs) are so excited to be The Art Room's first Level One lockdown exhibition.

View opening video HERE



The TPGs are a collective of South African female printmakers, and this year we have more than doubled our membership base. This ongoing gathering strengthens our #PRINTLIKEAGIRL tagline and demonstrates just how popular printmaking has become as a medium among women artists in our country today.

#TPG20 shows fresh work from this innovative group of over 30 artists, and includes many techniques from traditional etching, screenprint, and relief printing through to contemporary mixed media and digital print. With our women artists using so many different printmaking techniques, and needing to accommodate all their working ideas and subjects, we imposed only two exhibiting criteria - the paper must be 40 x 40 cm or less, and for the exhibition, all should be mounted on boards of 40 x 40 cm. This emphasises our democratic approach to exhibiting equality.

Alongside their exhibition work, we asked each artist to create some smaller scale works (20 x 20cm) under the heading Positive Escape - looking at any positive aspects of hard Lockdown, or what helped them get through it.

This is The TPGs second exhibition with The Art Room and builds on their 2019 #PRINTLIKEAGIRL exhibition  

Sadly, due to Covid regulations, we won't be able to hold workshops throughout the exhibition duration this year.


Exhibitions & Project views

Some views of the exhibitions & project