Angelique Bougaard

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Angelique is a young, Johannesburg-based, emerging artist, currently completing her MA (Visual Arts) at the University of Johannesburg.

Her artistic practice engages with memory to underpin her identity as well as that of her family and community. She incorporates mixed media processes, including hand-making paper and stitching, and working with textures and imagery sourced from old photographs. For Angelique, mixed media is a metaphor for the multiplicity of emotions she feels that exist within her.

She uses a variety of different print techniques, ranging from screenprint to digital print. She finds it challenging to choose a favourite technique, saying “there is something so interesting and enjoying about each process. My printmaking skills are still developing, and for me, printmaking is like a new partner that you fall in love with. Each interaction is exciting, with are nervousness and butterflies, but as you start creating there’s a moment of deep flow where nothing else matters and something starts to settle.” 

Angelique Bougaard

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