Ann Ludwig

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Ann is a Johannesburg-based artist. She has a major in History of Art from UNISA and a B.Mus degree at WITS. She received her practical art training from various teachers and by attending numerous workshops. She began printmaking a few years ago and now this has become her favourite medium, as she enjoys the unpredictability of printmaking and accidental happenings.

Ann’s images are quirky and amusing, and she is inspired by her love of literature, theatre, art history and nature (especially trees).  Currently Ann is working on a series of prints featuring a donkey, a cat and a jester journeying through diverse episodes in literature, history and place. Inspired by R L Stevenson’s Travels with a Donkey, this creative exploration has become her own journey of memories: of books, images, and choices that have taken her down different paths. 

Ann Ludwig

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The latest work from this tpg artist.

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