Ann-Marie Tully

Ann-Marie Tully is a South African artist known for her printmaking and object (including sculpture, textile arts & contemporary jewellery) she is represented in significant art collections, including the Johannesburg Art Gallery and the Oliewenhuis Art Museum. Her sixth solo exhibition, Diluvian Delft took place at Knysna Fine Art in 2017. Ann-Marie’s themes dive-deep into the interactions and intersections of human-animal-plantbeings, myths, cosmologies, divinatory, and totemic symbolism; also engaging situated historical content, and cognitive archaeology − probing the 'deep time' of human culture and natural history. Botanical and alchemical mediums, narratives, and histories are a constant fascination. Her art invites contemplation of the connections between nature and culture. Ann-Marie has also worked extensively as a lecturer and educator in the arts education and research sector. She holds a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of the Witwatersrand

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