Donna Solovei

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Donna was born in Jo’burg, completed school and BA (Hons) Illustration in London, and now lives in Hout Bay with her family of two young daughters.  Her art has explored many avenues such as product design, and textile and wall/mural design; and she has participated in numerous group exhibitions with Salon91 Gallery in Cape Town.

She is passionate about the environment and immerses herself in nature for inspiration, often taking photographs and sketchbooks outdoors to capture colors and textures that become her starting points in the studio.

Monotype has provided the freedom to layer and enlarge her observations, and she adds detail over these abstract markings. Screenprint, cyanotype, watercolor monoprint, and etchings are printmaking techniques that Donna continues to explore. She uses layers of transparent ink and nuances of tone to suggest and reveal the slightness of the delicate and fragile nature of our world. Establishing her own palette and forming new colors allows her work to be process-driven, experimental, and intuitive, contributing to the subtle changes in each piece.

Donna Solovei

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