Elzanne Louw

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Elzanne discovered printmaking during her school days in Pretoria when she fell in love with the relief process. Since then, printmaking has manifested in numerous forms throughout her creative journey as she holds qualifications in Photography (N.Dip), Fashion Design (B.Tech) and Education (PGCE).

After a decade-long career in Fashion, Elzanne now teaches Visual Art and Design by day and moonlights as a vigilante printmaker. Her art practice balances honing her craftmanship as a relief artist with experimental printmaking often leading to a combination of printing mediums and techniques including Relief, Intaglio, Monotype, Monoprint and Cyanotype.

Albeit a process-driven artist, a common point of investigation in Elzanne’s work is the influence of anatomy and physiology on the qualitative human experience.

Elzanne Louw

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The latest work from this tpg artist.

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