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Emma is a conceptual artist and art educator living and working in Riebeek Kasteel in the Western Cape. She holds an MA in Visual Arts from the University of South Africa and qualifications in psychology and librarianship. She has exhibited extensively in South Africa, Africa and abroad.

Her art-making practice is underpinned by concepts and issues around displacement, place-making and sense of place. Emma has an archaeological approach to artmaking, constantly searching for the remains of losses that have occurred. This process involves finding, collecting and transforming found images and material, as seen in her extensive use of discarded parquet floor blocks. Her techniques, media and formats range from sculptural installations to photographic processes, artist’s bookmaking, printmaking, drawing and painting.

Emma says: “Printmaking represents a significant component of my work, since the meaning of an imprint can be associated with a trace of the original object or image, which relates to my search for the remains of losses occurred.”

Emma Willemse

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