Esther Simonis

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In her practical as well as her theoretical research, artist Esther Simonis, investigates the archaeological excavation as a metaphor for a personal, introspective delving and searching process which also manifests in her art making. She received a Masters Degree (Visual Arts) from University of South Africa where she majored in Printmaking, using a collagistic approach, which entails an accumulation and superimposing of layers of images and shapes, that represent the broken, incompleteness of archaeological ruins. 

Her involvement in archaeological excavations in both Israel and South Africa, gave her the opportunity and background for Landart projects in which she focused on the layering processes - the overlay of the past with the present. As Ceramist she worked under Charles Godard and that was where texture became crucial in most of her artworks.

As a traveller and missionary, her impressions often capture a birds eye view of Africa and other countries as she then can study their history and culture of its people.

Esther Simonis

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