Genevieve Schwulst


Genevieve Schwulst lives in Krugersdorp and is currently completing her 4th year studies in Fine Arts at the University of Witwatersrand. She works as an Intern at Danger Gevaar Ingozi Studios (DGI studios) at Victoria Yards. Here, she is developing her technical skills to better explore her practice and is setting up an etching section within the space.

She embraces her own experiences and positionality within a printmaking space.

She best describes her artistic practice as having an eclectic aesthetic that focuses on the conventions and ideas that exist around bodies, macabre subject matter, and imagery such as flora and fauna - a Renaissance body of work re-imagined.

She uses mediums used such as intaglio printmaking including drypoint, hard ground and aquatint. She is obsessed with intaglio printmaking but also enjoys a variety of other mediums, including lithography, screenprint, lino, embossing, monotypes, charcoal, and ink work.  

Genevieve Schwulst

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