Georgina Berens

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Georgina is a practicing artist living and working in Cape Town and is the manager of South Atlantic Press printmaking studio in Woodstock which she established in 2018. Before this, she was an artist-in-residence at the Ratamo Printmaking and Photography Centre, Jyväskylä, Finland; and undertook internships at The Artists’ Press, Mpumalanga; at Warren Editions, Cape Town; and at Smith Gallery, Cape Town.

She is most drawn to stone lithography which she specialised in while studying for her BA (Fine Arts) at UCT. She has a fine appreciation for lithography’s technical challenges, its tactile elements of stone, grease, and water, and how this ancient printmaking technique complements her contemporary passion for drawing. The sensitive mark-making qualities of line and tone specific to the lithographic technique are revealed in Georgina’s recent prints. These frequently explore indefinable spaces and the sense of comfortable yet temporary dwellings through her eerie use of light, shadow, and simply drawn objects.

Georgina Berens

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The latest work from this tpg artist.

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