Hannah Kempe

INSTAGRAM @ookempe


Hannah is a visual artist who lives and works in Gauteng. She graduated from The University of Pretoria with a BA in Fine Arts (2018)

Hannah also takes on the name, oo Kempe. The oo is seen as a playful alter ego of eyes peeping into other realms. She enjoys creating anything seen through the mind’s eye – both malevolent and whimsical. Hannah’s method is guided by ritual, trance, and automatic drawing; and her art practice is largely inspired by printmaking where she combines her varieties of mark making with print techniques: drypoint, lino, embossing and copper etching. She also experiments with other mediums such as ink, gouache, print, pencil, and ceramic, often exploring the experimental nature of the subconscious within the automatic process. 

Hannah Kempe

Selected Works

The latest work from this tpg artist.

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