Helen Lötter

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Helen Lötter is a Pretoria based artist currently completing her Masters’ Degree in Fine Arts at the University of Pretoria. She also has a background in philosophy which influences the conceptual scope of her work considerably. 

She is interested in combining as many different printmaking techniques in one artwork as possible. She enjoys the challenge of pushing the medium to limits not technically seen before and also prefers working in larger formats whenever possible. Her work explores the concept of the preservation of knowledge. She explores this in a digital-historical context by referring to digital information storage methods that were used in the past, such as punched cards and punched tapes. Her work often takes on a circular structure, inspired by objects such as vinyl records and magnetic discs, all data storage structures. Through these objects she often uses codes in the form of dots - embossed or printed - that can be deciphered by keys that she provides. Her prints are like hermetic systems that deliver information through an input and output system based on codes. 

Helen Lötter

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