Kay Fourie

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The first print that I made was in 1983 while studying at the then Free State Technicon and it was an etching. Since then, I received further tuition at UF where I was also introduced to lino printing as well as silkscreen. Lino printing, being very accessible and less painterly, is my preferred technique and I have been practicing it for 33 years in-between sculpture and drawing.

The themes I’m exploring now are issues around the landscape and the meaning thereof - how do we use the land, how can we cultivate the respect for land that our predecessors the hunter gatherers had, how did we obtain the land, who does land belong to, and where are we going in terms of ecological preservation. Every now and then I touch base by creating a series of self-portraits. It is so easy to comment on what society is doing wrong, but each one of us is as guilty as the next.

Kay Fourie

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