Keabetswe Makhooane

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Keabetswe is an authentic and vibrant visual artist who uses graphic art as a medium of expression, specializing in lino and mixed media. Having been introduced to printmaking in her final years of high school, it has been an integral part of her life and work since.

Born in Mafikeng, raised in Pretoria and now based in Klerksdorp, Keabetswe‘s body of work is informed by the relationship she has with her surroundings, as well as the South African zeitgeist particularly in the realm of womens issues, a subject matter that she is deeply passionate about. This was made evident by her 2017 works which were exhibited at the Abortion & Reproductive Justice Conference in Grahamstown. Her exhibition interrogated the polarizing topic that is abortion in a thought-provoking and engaging manner. Her works were created using mixed media elements, which included tracing paper, linocut, acrylic on fabriano.

Keabetswe has managed to create a space where art can be educational, envoke conversations as well as create a platform for dialogue around an issue considered taboo within our diverse community. Her latest body of work aims to interrogate her identity as a “Model-CTswana girl today through the use of language, stripes as a link to nonconformity in society and self portraiture.

Keabetswe Makhooane

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