Kelebogile Masilo

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Based in the East Rand Johannesburg, I’ve been a practicing visual artist for 12 years. I began printmaking in 2013 as a fine art student at Artist Proof Studio, graduating in 2015. In 2016, I worked as an intern as a fine art printmaking technician’s assistant. I currently work independently as an artist, exhibiting on group exhibitions in Johannesburg and around South Africa, in such galleries as Julie Miller African Contemporary, In Toto Gallery, Room Gallery, and Art Snob. Working independently has not been easy but I am slowly learning to grow as an artist.

My work is about defining my identity within the mother and daughter relationship and growing into womanhood. I also explore other forms of female identity. I like to create portraits and images of female figurers with elements of natural flowers and patterns. My favorite printmaking techniques are lithography, drypoint, and screenprint since I draw almost all the time and these printing techniques best express my drawing skills. I have also explored other mediums, such as digital printing, and collaborated last year with a digital print artist.

Kelebogile Masilo

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