Kim Lee Loggenberg

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Kim-Lee studied Fine and Appliled Arts at the Tshwane University of Technology where she obtained her BTech Degree in Fine Art with a major in printmaking. Despite studying art and working within the arts as a collaborative printmaker for 7 years, she has only recently started creating her own print work and actively trying to become a print artist in her own right. She creates art based on her observations of life, feelings and pure curiosity. Kim-Lee’s artistic practice involves delicate intaglio etching and drypoint prints and monotypes. 

Kim-Lee has worked as an Editioning Printer and collaborator at the David Krut Workshop since 2013. She specialises in intaglio printing and takes a special interest in the application of chine-collé and the creation and printing of water- and oil-based monotypes.

Her work has featured on group shows including Kind of Blue 2019, at David Krut Projects, Johannesburg; and Life Amongst Cats, 2018, David Krut Bookstore & Gallery 151, The Cat Show, 2019, David Krut Bookstore & Gallery 151, Johannesburg.  

Kim Lee Loggenberg

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