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Kristen is a printmaker and textile artist, working out of her studio in Kommetjie.  Largely self-taught, Kristen has made art full-time since 2010, and has representation in a number of Cape Town galleries.  Kristen spent 2016 working under the guidance of Alma Vorster in her Montebello studio, and since then has worked independently as a printmaker, focusing on relief and drypoint intaglio.  Kristen’s interest lies in the unseen moments, overlapping time and simultaneous views of the same subject, and she enjoys experimenting with alternative surfaces, transparency, and mixed techniques.

Kristen’s most recent series Inevitable Life consists of pared-down single block linos, reflecting on choice, connection, control and a lack thereof, the juxtaposition of positive and negative experience and the ever-changing balance of power in our relationships.  Here, Kristen uses her subject matter to illustrate her response to her own circumstances, which will inevitably be shared by others, and to the nature of life and the course it takes.  Kristen is currently working on a series of reduction lino prints in transparent inks, dealing with perspective and separation.

Kristen McClarty

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