Laurel Holmes

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In 2012, Laurel left the Johannesburg corporate environment to concentrate on art making, eventually moving to Cape Town in 2016. As a painter, she trained with Karin Daymond and Ricky Burnett, later discovering the creative possibilities inherent in printmaking through workshops at The Artists’ Press and the Sharon Sampson Studio, followed by two internships at Warren Editions. She says: “I am obsessed with printmaking – it keeps me awake at night and it’s the anticipation of that magic happening with the ink and the paper that keeps me at the press.” She works mainly with monotype and collograph techniques.

Laurel has always been fascinated by the shadows created by light, and her recent works continue to explore the form and shape of flora in the natural world: the way they grow, disperse their seed, and shrivel. She finds incredible and metaphorical beauty in these spent shapes and desiccated leaves.  

Laurel Holmes

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