Marelise van Wyk

Marelise is an artist and printmaker who lives and works in Simon’s Town in the Western Cape. She initially studied Psychology and worked as such before obtaining a BVA from UNISA in 2006. At the end of 2016 she retired from full-time art teaching to pursue her own art career.

Marelise’s creative process is inspired by the cycle of life and the evidence of the passing of time – extinctions developing into new creations decaying into extinctions again.  Imagery in her artworks include historical structures, organic objects and textures that are formed by erosion, corrosion and disintegration in nature. She reacts to issues in society by referring to the inter-connectivity of past and present, and the re-invention of history over time.

“I am addicted to all printmaking. I enjoy experimenting with new techniques and try to challenge the medium as much as I can.”  Lately she uses ready-made prints as her medium to create layered print collages.

INSTAGRAM @marelise_v_wyk