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Nicolette is a visual artist, painter, and printmaker who lives in the picturesque village of Kommetjie near Cape Town with her husband Albe. She has two daughters, Cara and Mila.

Although studying BA.BK. (Fine Art and then Information Design) at the University of Pretoria for two years, she did not finish her degree, as she says: “Life happened”. Nicolette holds a Bachelor of Theology degree which she received from the North Carolina College of Theology in 2012.

In her printmaking practice she mainly uses drypoint, linocut, monotype, and other non-toxic etching techniques. Her art practice consists of lots of experimenting and combining of media such as drawing, collage, dry point, and most recently botanical, seaweed and algae monotypes. Her paintings are mostly mixed media, combining acrylic, ink, charcoal, and oil sticks.

Nicolette is interested in themes regarding the presence of the mystical, unexplained, and Divine mirrored in trauma, tragedy, hope, resilience and the mundane or everyday aspects of life. The connection between humans and nature, and experiencing God through these connections, have become even more significant in her work recently. Her art practice is driven by her own experiences, most importantly the loss of her five-year old son, and the journey of healing she still finds herself on, in which her faith plays a major part.

Nicolette Geldenhuys

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