Niki McQueen


Niki is a visual artist based In Cape Town. She has pioneered a technique over several years in which richly coloured, finely detailed, surreal and otherworldly artworks are created from digital composites which are painstakingly hand-printed and hand-drawn onto archival papers and then washed, painted colored and finished using a variety of materials, in an 8 to 12 step process.

She draws inspiration from vintage medica and scientific illustrations, museum and library collections, as well as surrealism and street art. Themes in her work include biology, mythology, psychology, societal and archetypal interplay, eroticism, decay and rebirth.

She has sold over 130 artworks to both local and global buyers and collectors in under 4 years. She has placed in several prestigious local awards including Sasol New Signatures. She has group-exhibited in 4 cities locally and globally, and has collaborated with US Punk Cabaret duo, The Dresden Dolls, with Amanda Palmer and Nathan Monk, bestselling author and human-rights activist.

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