Noeleen Kleve

Noeleen Kleve is a full-time artist living and working in Kommetjie near Cape Town.  She qualified, and spent two decades as a graphic designer, before embarking on a BVA with UNISA, graduating in 2013. It was during this journey that her passion for printmaking was ignited.

“I find that each printmaking process allows for exploration into different ways of seeing and for excavating meaning in an image. I am inspired by the mindfulness of the gestures innate to the printmaking processes, explorations into mark-making, and the diverse techniques of layering and creating textures in my work.”

Noeleen is inspired by the land in both a geographical as well as a spiritual sense. Experiences and observations of land/scape and a sense of place often underpin her artwork, with mapping and aerial perspectives alluding to liminal or in-between spaces, and more intricate imagery of flora and immediate environmental issues.

Alongside her artmaking, she teaches classes and workshops at her studio.

INSTAGRAM @noeleen_kleve_artist