Nomvula Millicent Hoko

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Nomvula is a visual artist and curator who grew up in Soweto. She studied printmaking at Artist Proof Studio until 2019 and worked as a printmaking assistant at Art Lefatshe Studio at Ellis House in Johannesburg. She has exhibited in several group exhibitions and taken part in art fairs and other creative projects.

She was fortunate enough to be taught art at school by Senzeni Marasela who, she says, “gave her a light on how to work and inspired her to do differently.” Nomvula is passionate about art and has begun to express herself creatively through abstract works. She says: “My art is loaded with metaphors and fused into a harmonious whole, some colours dominate the space while others recede like a whisper, quiet but instant.”

Nomvula Millicent Hoko

Selected Works

The latest work from this tpg artist.

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