Roxy Kaczmarek

Roxy Kaczmarek’s prints and paintings focus on the sensibilities and relationship between people and nature. She is fascinated by the separation and closeness created in our lived environments and our attempts to carefully package our surroundings, while reveling in the world's wildness. Landscapes captivate her imagination, and as a keen gardener, she is inspired by plants and their resilient ability to grow anywhere.

After receiving a BA (Fine Art) from UCT’s Michaelis School of Fine Art (2012), Roxy worked at Warren Editions Print Studio as a printer and studio manager and has interned at the London Print Studio and Amsterdam’s Grafisch Atelier. She works in multiple traditional print mediums, although during her Masters’ in Technology research (2019, UJ – University of Johannesburg) she experimented with etching, cement, and plaster combinations. Currently living in Johannesburg, she has shifted her practice towards screenprint and has a functioning screenprint studio at home. Roxy also teaches printmaking at UJ and works at the David Krut Projects Printmaking Workshop.

INSTAGRAM @roxykaczmarek