Tessa Teixeira

Tessa is an artist whose practice is deeply rooted in existential philosophy, consciousness, sentience, biodiversity, ecology, and climate challenges. Influenced by the words of Environmental Philosopher Val Plumwood, Tessa challenges the prevailing human-nature dualism that characterizes Western culture. She sees nature not as radically different from humans but as interconnected and interdependent.

Primarily identifying as a figurative artist transitioning towards partial abstraction, Tessa's passion for painting lies in the fluidity and expressive qualities of paint. Her practice is driven by curiosity, a willingness to play, and a desire to push boundaries while conveying conceptual and philosophical ideas. Focused on painting, mixed-media, printmaking, and installations, Tessa finds joy in the unpredictability of printmaking, embracing spontaneous mistakes as sources of creative energy.

Printmaking, with its technical challenges and opportunities for expressiveness, captivates Tessa. She is particularly drawn to the process of etching and the unique quality of monotype prints, which she describes as having a "painterly print" nature. Currently, Tessa is exploring monotype prints in her latest body of work, intrigued by their one-of-a-kind nature that complements her expressive painting style. Through this exploration, she aims to experiment with alternative, eco-friendly printing inks as part of her commitment to reducing her carbon footprint and promoting environmental mindfulness in her artistic practice.

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