Theresa Jo Wessels

Theresa Jo’s fascination with metal was cultivated during her BA Jewellery Design at Stellenbosch, 1982. Jewellery manufacturing turned into cutlery making, sculpture and then printmaking.

Her travels in Europe for two years, included a residency at the Cite’ Internationale des Arts, Paris pursuing printmaking. Theresa took part in the 2010 Triennale de Chamalieres -"8th Mondial de la Gravure Originale" in France, and in 2018, her etchings were featured at the “9th International Printmaking Biennale", Doure, Portugal.

In her mark-making, she appreciates how the interplay of aspects of control and the unknown inform the process. It is this challenge, “to move from complete chaos on your desk to a sterile environment where mishaps are fatal”, that she finds motivating.

Theresa follows the tenet of "undisciplined imagination with disciplined execution”. This, unites the polarities of the discipline - the element of uncontrollability, with the precision of etching.

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