Xia Cweba

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Xia is a Johannesburg-based multi-disciplinary artist, curator, and creative conceptualist with a degree in Fine and Applied Arts. She honed her creative intellect from Ruth Prowse School of Art, Woodstock Cape Town.

Xia’s art practice forms an ongoing cross-examination of the stereotypical ideology around black womanhood, through both cultural and traditional viewpoints intertwined with the harsh critical gaze of Western standards. Her aim is to show that, through the over-sexualisation of their bodies, black women are made to feel as though they have no ownership of their identities. Her specific interest in this issue relates to how they navigate private and public spaces regarding the safety of their bodies.

Xia says: “My work uses both mythological language of African stylistic history and Western symbols. By doing this, I hope to start a conversation of how the over-sexualization of black female bodies started and why this was overly valued.”

Xia Cweba

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