Yolanda Warnich

Yolanda was born in Saldanha Bay on the Cape West Coast, which triggered a lifelong passion for the sea and rugged environments, along with her creative concerns around land and ecology. She holds a BVA from UNISA. A painter at heart and dedicated photographer, she often creates new media artworks by integrating the two.

Recently she has been exploring the monotype process, saying "I’m an artist who spends most of my time out in the land. Without being able to move freely these past months, my days have been torn by extreme emotions. The unpredictability of printmaking allows me the freedom in my artmaking that is denied us during lockdown - yet I’m also grateful for the time to just ‘breathe’ - not only me, but also for Mother-earth to heal for a while. Also, I see the layering of multiple mark-making techniques as mimicking the different tasks that make up my daily life as a mum, housewife and professional artist with a home studio.”

INSTAGRAM @yolandawarnich  


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