Andie Rodwell

Andie is an artist and printmaker who lives and works in Cape Town. She completed her Nat. Dip Graphic Design from the Johannesburg School of Art & Design (a Faculty of Wits Technikon). After a career in the advertising / design industry, she has spent the last few years as a practising artist, primarily focusing on printmaking, a discipline she learnt under the guidance of Judy Woodborne.

Andie’s work is influenced by elements of the natural environment, as this is where she feels most connected and inspired. Since moving back to an urban lifestyle after years in the bushveld, she has become increasingly sensitive to the delicate balance between the developing world and its impact on nature. As a result, she has collaborated with EWT (Endangered Wildlife Trust) and APWG (The African Pangolin Working Group) by donating her print work to help raise awareness and funding for various conservation initiatives.

She enjoys working with the intaglio technique, primarily as it is a measured process and complements her love of drawing, as well as the more spontaneous process of monotype.

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